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It was done for some sort of secret project but I believe it was canceled..so bad..




wow movie concept

wow movie concept. It was great working on few concept, even though we just helping legendary picutres, they took lots of concept from us, Blizzard..

Hope the second one would be better...



I've been trying different approach for matte paintings lately.

Camera mapping and tracking in after effect. I think it has great potencial make quick result, and this is WIPs...

I just spent one day so far...I will update and finish this matte painting soon..

BTW, the background is from back trail of my home town, irvine...Thank Irvine for not having any cable in the air...




This is movie illustration and also book cover for horror story 'Abattoir' by saw director  Darren Lynn Bousman. few more images below

















Lots of production illustrations below for movie industry ...











automatic detective


sci fi street


toll city

toll city, underwater base.Art Director P.J was insisted bright underwater city, for me this is too much, but whell iit is for his project..


Toll, ancient underwater creature


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