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Tae young Choi







Concept Artist:

Blizzard Entertainment 2011 - 2016.8

Insomniac Game 2009 - 2011

Midway Amusement Games  09/29/05 – 08/06

Artist: WMS GAMING  07/01/02 – 07/15/05

Intern/Assistant Animator:  Calabash Productions   Summer, 2001 

Clean-up animation on “Lucky Charms” and “Trix” cereal commercials.

Assistant of Professor Hyun-se Lee  King Se-jong University   1999 – 2000

Drawing Instructor:  Gadulgi Art Institute   1998 – 2000

Theme Park Caricature Artist 1998




Concept Design, Illustration, and Matte painting for movie and game industry.

Caricaturing, computer modeling, texturing, and storyboarding thorough understanding of color and composition. 


Photoshop, Painter, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Aftereffects,


King Se-jong University   Seoul, Republic of Korea   1992 – 1999

            B.A. Fine Arts

Columbia College   Chicago, IL   2000 – 2002

            B.A Art, Computer Animation Major


Blizzard Artbooks, Art of Midway, Spectrums, Exposes and lots of book covers and illustions..



Art show at Photonic Playground 2015




This is an article about me from ImagineFX issue#.24 2005

Tae young Choi, Game concept artist Tae reveals why he loves his job so much, the joy of smelly oils, and the legacy of the Da Vinci Code...

"I believe being a concept artist is the best job in the games industry." says Tae young Choi. "I just get a few words from clients on what to do, and pretty much the rest of it is up to me how I visualise the ideas and make them come alive..." Born in Korea, he grew up dreaming of becoming a comic book artist. With a degree in fine art, his work was exhibited in several galleries in Korea, and in 2000 he made a move to the US to study computer graphics-gaining another degree in the process. With such qualifications and a sheer enthusiasm for art, it wasn't long before he found a job in the games industry.


Tae's imagery fuses dystopian sci-fi and classical mysticism, but he's also capable of warm, lovingly crafted portraits beyond the laser fire and futuristic characters. Most of the time his images begin as sketches to gause ideas and composition. "Sometimes I start painting using a different method, but mostly I sketch on paper first," he says. These are scanned and painted digitally in Photoshop or Painter.

Like most artists, he's constantly inspired by many things around him, including other artists' work, MTV, classical art and so on - but he admits that films are his biggest creative inspiration.

" I have a movie library somewhere in my brain and I can recall very specific scenes from movies," he laughs. " Whenever I need some inspiration, I pick up the movies form my collection.".




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