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matte painting done for ingame cinematic...few simple cards

matte painting process

Kerrigan cloud matte painting using camera maping and 3dmax plug ins...


immortal concept arcylic painting


planet matte painting

matte painting done for in-game cinematics

.color key

Color and light key for start craft2

color key2

another color study

key shot

shot concept for zeratul's dead...inspired by Pieta...

bane texture study

zergling final texture study

Zergling sking concept painted on simple 3d



star craft raynor elevator

energy gernarattor

protoss color key

key shot3

key shot4

zerus tress co

This is the short film I've done and submitted in Blizzard cinematic internal film festival 2013, and I got the second place...

later, few people came to me saying that mine is deserved to be the first place(ha ha I knew)..

I don't care much cause I enjoyed making it so much,

even though I'd had only two week to finish entire thing.. I was director myself..

.entire thing is done by only me, even BGM is my guitar playing...I hope you'd enjoy it, especially S.C fans..


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my ARTSTATION portpolio

my CG talk portpolio